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Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarters...

Quilting has become increasingly popular over recent years. It's a great fusion of artistic and practical needlework, and offers great scope for real flights of imagination!

Victoria Fabrics can provide everything you need to fire your quilting fantasies. We have a large number of "jelly rolls", "fat quarters" and "strippers", as well as remnants, backing, wadding and all the needlecraft tools you'll ever need!

Betty Hebditch, who has worked in the shop until very recently, is a quilter par excellence and has produced two instructional videos on quilt=making which can be seen here. Betty Hebditch from Victoria Fabrics demonstrates how to put a quilt together (part 1).click to watch Betty Hebditch from Victoria Fabrics demonstrates how to put a quilt together (part 2).click to watch
If you want to discover more about Quilting on youTube, take a look at these external links (which will open in a new tab or window):Betty Hebditch's YouTube Channel
and here you can find more quilting ideas on YouTube.

And whilst we are talking about your creative streak, don't forget that we also sell:
Craft fabrics
Patchwork pieces
Cushion panels
Quilt panels
Advent Calendar panels
Christmas fabrics.

Quilt Incredible!

A "Jelly-Roll" quilt made from just one jelly-roll by Betty Hebditch from Victoria to view "Jelly-Rolls" galore, available from Victoria Fabrics in to view More Jelly-Rolls, each of which can make a sizeable quilt!click to view A basket of "Fat Quarters" from Victoria to view Victoria Fabrics is your local resource for all your quilting and patchwork supplies in South to view Another basket of "Fat Quarters" at Victoria to view